Michael Veerapen



His name is synonymous with Malaysian Music, particularly in the field of Jazz where he is widely acknowledged to be the driving force behind the Jazz Scene in Malaysia. He was the prime mover behind Malaysia’s first Jazz Rock concert in 1978, which brought about a tremendous interest in Jazz especially amongst younger audiences and thereby planting the seeds for the way Jazz is loved in his country.

His studies in Berklee proved to be a major factor towards making his an illustrious career, as a renowned Jazz Pianist, as a Composer, a Musical Director for many of Malaysia’s top performers like Sudirman where he composed “A Thousand Million Smiles”, as an owner of a successful Music Production Company and Recording Studio and also as a music teacher, having taught many of his fellow musicians who are indebted to him for their music literacy skills. His Jazz Club “All That Jazz” was an institution in and of itself, earning an international reputation for being one of the best and most significant Jazz Clubs in the Asia region.

In more recent times, he composed and directed several highly successful musicials including ‘Supermokh’, ‘Lat Kampung Boy’ – for which he won the coveted BOH Cameronian Award for Best Composer. He is also the principal mover behind the successful Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival and the Malaysian Jazz Piano Competition that has seen significant growth every year.

His list of accomplishments have earned him the prestigious Brand Laureate Icon Award for being an Iconic figure in the field of Professional Music in Malaysia having set a standard of excellence that has become synonymous with him and also become the benchmark for younger musicians to emulate. In 2009 he earned a Fellowship from the London College of Music. His achievements, success and pioneering career in Music has been a significant factor in the change from a negative mindset about a career in music to one that has seen many music colleges offering degrees in music as Music today is seen a serious and rewarding career.