Toro Cheng



Toro Cheng obtained Master of Music in Jazz Pedagogy at West Virginia University, USA. Ever since his return to Malaysia, Toro has been busy gigging and teaching at UCSI as an adjunct lecturer. He has performed with international and local artists such as ?? (Taiwan) , ???(Taiwan), ???(Taiwan), ?? (China), Jasmine Chen (China), Salamiah Hassan, Atilia Haron, Fuying & Sam, ???,???, ???, ???, etc. His performance highlights include Kota Kinabalu Jazz Festival 2018 & 2019, ?Astro?????????, Casio piano demonstrator, McMillan Woods Global Awards (2016 - 2017), Malaysian Jazz Piano Festival (2015 - 2020), World Youth Jazz Festival 2013, etc. Toro has 2 albums under his belt: “Groove Generator” (2019) and “Pianistic Wolverine” (2014).